• One 6 ft table with 2 chairs
  • One (1) complimentary pass to main event
  • Lowest rate on addittonal (2+) all access event passes
  • One (1), 30 second, booth-side talk reminder (pre-speech)
  • One 10 min booth-side talk during break announced from the stage
  • Logo placement on conference website, social media, and VIP bags
  • Pre-conference marketing logo use / mention in video, website copy
  • One (1) company or product (token) profile in the Conference Guide, maximum 250 words.
  • Professional photo(s) of your speaker, booth, booth-side talk(s), and company attendees
  • One Post-event podcast interview with Adryenn Ashley on CryptoVixens podcast
  • Cds/dvds/digital download of the event (1 complimentary copy)
  • Promotional web-banners, and twitter / slack / facebook / email promo templates provided to help co-brand
    you with the conference and disseminate over your social media channels